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Velvets since 1966

Tessitura Esseci was born in 1966 from an idea of ​​the founder Santi Spinelli who started the production of what will become the flagship item of our collection: furnishing velvet.

A precious and elegant fabric, which has multiple applications in the field of furniture.  

Today Esseci led by Santi's son, Carlo Spinelli, who inherited the management of Esseci Tessitura in and pushed our velvet production beyond the traditional one, thanks to the work of the whole Esseci team, bringing technical innovations to the fabrics made. In particular, fireproof velvets are part of our collection and have become one of the most interesting and requested items, which find application in the furnishing of theaters, all over the world, and public places thanks to its characteristics.

Together with the velvets, our collection consists mainly of linen and wool fabrics, also intended for furnishing.

Within the company, all the phases of fabric realization take place, from the conception of the collection, to the development of the articles in the internal weaving whose work is followed by specialized personnel, up to the sale of the fabric thanks to the professionalism and competence of the Esseci working group.

To meet the needs of artisans and small businesses that need low quantities of meters of fabric, over time we have also developed a cutting service by the meter for all the fabrics in our collection.




All the technical textile processes are carried out internally in our proprietary weaving mill which employs highly qualified and specialized personnel



All our items are

made in Italy


From the history of the foundation, thanks to the long experience handed down from father to son, Carlo Spinelli today heads the Tessitura Esseci team, made up of specialized and highly qualified professionals


We provide a cutting service by the meter for all the fabrics in our collection, to meet the needs of artisans who need small quantities of product.

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