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Fabric Velvet Italy

Our company was established in the far 1966 from Mr Santino Spinelli, he has started our tradition family production of furnishing velvet.

In 1979, the sun Mr. Carlo has established the company TESSITURA ESSECI , developing his father job and growthing technical experience with new actual articles.

Beside our standard classic product, year after year we have developed flamme retard velvets and other technical products which has allowed to TESSITURA ESSECI to remain on the market ready to satisfied any design and quality of clients requirement.

Tessitura ESSECI s.r.l. Unipersonale - via Terracini, 22 - 51031 Agliana - Pistoia - Tuscany - Italy - Tel. +39 0574 751237, Fax +39 0574 712026 -

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Fabric Velvet Italy